The Sony Aibo project tested the limits of our technology
at the time. As Lead Developer on this project my
duties ranged from key-framing Aibo's movement to
integrating the XML into the rest of the site.

This was a demo project for the Imus line of clothing.
As a Lead Developer here, I completed every aspect of
this site except the artisic design. It is also an example
of Viewpoint's Zoomview technology.

This Dell page is interesting because it was one of the
first configurators we tried. It works well - try changing
the peripherals and updating the system to see the changes.
(this page may take a little longer to load)

The three Remington guns have some nice animations -
all done through XML, it was one of the first projects
on which I took the lead.

The Godiva Valentine's Day project for MSN was a
lesson in efficiency since it includes so many
different pieces. All the chocolates are geometry,
but we were able to reuse them, saving file size.

The Eddie Bauer backpack project was my first.
I modeled the Daypack 400 and the Transparapack.
I also animated and annotated every backpack -
learning the XML as I went.

This is another example of XML animations.
This is one of many sites done for Nike, I
think this shoe is a good representation.